Rodrigo Moreno was born in Santiago, Chile and has been a professional editorial and corporate photographer for 25 years. While servicing a multitude of clients that include Ontario Tourism, Ministry of Research and Innovation, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, Canadian Airlines, Canadian Living, Scholastic Canada, City of Toronto his work has carried him to various parts of the globe. Moreno has received National recognition for his travel work in Cuba from the Canadian Association of Professional Photographers  and Moreno’s twenty year span of documenting the Lawrence Heights Community in Toronto has become a permanent collection in the City of Toronto Archives. Moreno has had numerous solo exhibitions and has been a part of multiple group exhibitions. One of his most recent exhibitions received a four star rating (NNNN) from Now Magazine and was flagged as a must see during Contact, a photography festival during the month of May in Toronto. Moreno”s work both locally and internationally were the subject of the award winning documentary “Shift Focus” which aired on Omni television.

The following are media reflections on Rodrigo’s work in the Lawrence Heights Community:

“Moreno’s photographs are not escapist or in any way roseate attempts to cover up or otherwise displace serious social problems. They are much larger than that. They are, in the end, a rather ennobling testament to the triumph of the human spirit, which is everywhere threatened by compromise.”

-Globe & Mail, Gary Michael Dault

“It was his camera that drew him back to the community last year, after a decade way.”

-The Toronto Star

“The changes in the before-and-after shots are striking, yet eerily familiar.”

-Metro News

“Moreno is a man on a rescue mission. Not to save a single person, but a whole community-Lawrence Heights”

-The Toronto Star

“It was my canvas. “What better place to practice than my own backyard?”

-Rodrigo Moreno                                                                               -Ryerson Alumni Magazine

“I see a real community, not a community that’s been always stereotyped as really negative, through crime.”-Rodrigo Moreno

-The Globe and Mail

“The kids were the most fascinating. They had no hesitation posing for my camera. They were just very spontaneous and quite thrilled to be models.”-Rodrigo Moreno

-North York Post

“I’m bringing out something no one sees, the day in the life of the Lawrence Heights community. Not the gang activity, not the drugs. There’s more than that. There is a real beauty to this community.-Rodrigo Moreno

-The Toronto Star